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Buyers Guide to Faux Flora

Posted by Jon Wood on

Buyers Guide to Faux Flora

Faux Flora Buying Guide

Take a look at the image above, and see if you can spot the artificial plants...

Would you be surprised if we said that all of the plants above are actually faux? So why choose artificial plants over real ones in the first place? For starters, they can look very realistic, just look at the above! Here at Creatd Interiors we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of luxurious, realistic faux plants. In addition to the realism of the flora, there are many circumstances when artificial plants might just be the better option. 

For some of us, gardening and keeping plants in the home healthy does not come naturally, whatever we try our prized plants never seem to survive very long. Maybe you’re busy with work or your lifestyle simply doesn't allow you the time to consistently care for them. The environment might be against you, for example living in a north facing apartment which doesn’t receive much natural light. If you can relate to any of these problems, then artificial plants are a practical and effective way to add some greenery to your home and you really might be quite surprised with the results you can achieve.

Wild Spring bouquet

So what else do you need to know about Faux Flora? Here are our top 5 things to think about when using artificial plants to enhance your home decor: 

Plastic or Fabric?

Faux flora can be made using different materials. Our carefully curated selection is handpicked from artisans that are passionate about design and detail which is brought to life by true craftsmanship. Many of our plants are imported from the Netherlands, a country famed for its natural flowers and more especially it’s Tulips from Amsterdam! The flowers we source often have hand-painted finishes that capture the very essence of natural flora. Both fabric and plastic plants can look very realistic, whether it is the intricate root detail, natural looking earth or the slight weathering to add that sense of realism.

We think plastic plants are more durable than fabric over time and are likely to maintain their structure and look their best for longer as they are more resistant to wear and tear. In particular succulents and vibrant colours are also better imitated in plastic. 

Of course it doesn't have to be a question of fake or real. They can be combined to great effect, for example dried moss at the base of your plants is a simple and effective way of enhancing the overall effect. 

Indoor or Outdoor?

In recent years, creating a more natural and organic look around the home has become more desirable. Creating a natural living space that is harmonious with nature can be good for your overall sense of wellbeing. Of course, it is very difficult to improve on mother nature, so if you can go with natural plants, we would never advise against it, but it doesn't work in all circumstances and of course you can always mix and match.

For the outdoors, we would always recommend natural flora. Although there are some amazing lifelike artificial lawns that can be laid. Artificial Plants can be used outside to good effect however contrary to the real thing, faux flora should be kept away from direct sunlight and only used sparingly in sheltered areas in our opinion. Basically the more exposure faux plants have the quicker they will wear, so we do not recommend it.

How to style faux plants

In many ways faux flora can be styled like real plants, without having to think about watering and feeding! Your floral arrangement does not have to be restricted to just fake plants or indeed only real plants. Of course there are no absolute rules to how you create your arrangements and we are real fans of just experimenting to see what works, whether a traditional arrangement for a dining room, a carefully placed succulent for your bathroom, or some palms to remind you of summer holidays!  Here are a few things to think about:

Flower arrangements set in a carefully chosen vase can make a real statement in an entrance area or hallway. Take the Wild Spring arrangement below, which has many of our stems included to create the effect, although the colour tones are complementary to each other.

Keeping types of plant together can be really effective particularly if repeated in more than one area of the house or when arrangements are repeated. Ferns, palms, succulents and grasses are great for this.

A selection of grasses 

Faux flowers are a great way to refresh the look in your home with the seasons, for example Natures Warmth below has more than a hint of an autumnal feel to it, but likewise it is very warm and natural in its tones.

Natures Warmth

Some times keeping things simple is highly affective as shown in the Summer Posy.

Summer Posy 

A part of styling flora is of course careful vase selection and we have curated a mix of vases for all tastes, whether it be hand blown glass, vintage, minimalist or rustic, there is certain to be a vase to display your choice stems.  

Accessories and Maintenance 

Of course artificial plants don’t need the love and affection that real plants need, however this doesn’t mean they can be neglected. There are tools and accessories that you can purchase to manage your fake flora. OASIS floral foam bricks are often used to help keep plants in the desired position. Although OASIS floral foam bricks are low priced and very practical, they are not the most environmentally friendly in our opinion. They are not biodegradable and easily crumble into micro pieces and there are alternatives. 

Chicken wire is an alternative that can be used as it is cheap, easy to cut and manipulate into place. It is relatively more eco-friendly. Wood wool and straws are other eco-friendly methods to use as a base for floral arrangement and they are also recyclable.

Wire cutters, or secateurs are a must for trimming fake flower stems, so they fit your vase.

Faux flora are extremely low maintenance however due to containing polyester, they will attract dust. Ideally make them a part of your house cleaning routine with regular dusting and hoovering. A more thorough leaf by leaf clean with a damp cloth will definitely keep your plants looking better for longer. 

The Sustainability Question.

To everything, there are pros and cons. Faux flora can have a relatively high initial price point and plastic is made through an industrial process. Whats more artificial plants can be difficult to recycle, with different materials used in their construction.  The most logical argument in their favour is lifespan. With careful placement and a little light maintenance artificial plants can last many years, maintaining their look and structure. 

Make the most of their durability, re-use, not recycle, use different stems at different times of year. Change the vase, move them into different rooms, you will be surprised how these simple changes can keep things looking fresh. There are many creative ideas out on the internet that you can pluck inspiration from.


If you were lacking inspiration, hopefully this article has given you a few ideas! If you need any more inspiration, just head across to our Faux Flora collection and start creating your own arrangements.  Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and save if you haven't already.