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Autumn Interior Trends 2019

Posted by Louise Wood on

Ballet Framed Print by House Doctor

Autumn Interior Trends 2019 

Outside the leaves are turning crisp, bringing those rich hues of autumn which cast everything in a golden glow. Autumn is, in our view, by far the most beautiful season, even the light at this time of year can be mesmerising as it changes throughout the day. Capturing that light and the richness of this season and recreating it within your home can help smooth the transition from summer nights in the garden to autumnal evenings indoors.

This season’s key trends, from artificial flowers in vases to natural, organic design, make it easier than ever to bring the enchantment of autumn into your home, whether that is making an open-plan living space cosier for the cooler months, or creating an artisan feel to your master bedroom.

1 Rich Earthy Interiors 

This season is all about the natural, earthy tones – from rich copper and burnt oranges to more subtle autumnal shades like khaki, chestnut browns and even more natural, woody colours. These colours warm a room and even just a few hints of these temperate shades create depth.

Some of our favourite pieces from the collection include this dark mustard herringbone cushion, finished with a vintage-style brass zip, or the burnt orange striped cushion by Au Maison. The colours will contrast with more neutral grey tones, adding instant warmth to your living space.

Burnt Orange Cushion

 2 Patterns

Adding a patterned cushion or rug to a room can help unite the standalone elements, drawing several different pigments together to create a Hygge feel. Subtlety is key this season, with so many rich colours and texture it can be easy to overwhelm your senses. Think Art Deco inspired patterns, with palms still popular, but also straight line geometric patterns such as zig-zag, herringbone or stripes to give just the right balance.

3 Texture 

For us, the wild oak side table sums up the autumn trend for natural products in the best way possible. The rawness of the rough cut oak on sleek sturdy metal legs hits all the right notes for this season. Over the summer we saw an urge to bring the outdoors in, with pieces inspired by nature and a natural feel to shelving, bowls and vases. That trend continues this season with an added emphasis on sustainability, recycling and natural textures. Designers are also looking to stone, wood and terracotta. 

Wild Oak Table

4 Artificial Flowers 

The desire to bring long-lasting faux plants into your home continues through autumn and is likely to be a mainstay of spring/summer collections next year too. Last season it was all about succulents and greenery, vibrant colours that were keen to make their presence felt. Now we are getting a more natural vibe emerging, and we adore the way they blend with the colours, textures and fabrics of the season. 

Keep an eye on our new in collection over the coming weeks


The Luxe Revival is another trend that continues to run, the beauty and decadence of this style means that we are loathed to move on. Instead, the style is simply evolving each season, meaning you can continue to add to your collection. When it comes to luxe think blush tones, burnished gold and rich velvet textures, all of which complement the rich colours we are getting through right now. Nothing speaks luxe more than Eichholtz, from the super stylish monochrome Ivan Melotti monochrome prints or the Mirror Dior.

6 Vintage 

The ever-popular retro vibe gets a fresh update this season, with an even greater step back in time.Instead of looking to the 70s and 80s for inspiration, why not look a little further back? A piece with its own history will add to the story of your room, and in fact your home.

These Snowdrops Chinese vases offer unique charm, heritage and are, in our view, simply beautiful. Originally used as rice storage pots, the century-old stoneware has been repurposed to create statement pieces which will be a conversation starter amongst guests.

Snow Drops Vintage Pots

7 Nordic Retreat

Stripped wood, clean lines and a light and airy feel - for modern spaces, Scandi design is perfect. The simplicity, brightness and clean feel of the Scandinavian look are perfect for minimalists. It is relaxing, calming and surprisingly cosy too. Several of our suppliers are based in Scandinavia, including Danish brands such as Lene Bjerre and Cozy Living. These exciting designers create quality products that are aesthetically pleasing as well as being fine to the touch. They epitomise the very essence of the Nordic retreat style with their cool grey tones, woven baskets and soft sofa throws. Take a look at their ranges to see how you can turn your blank canvas into a space that restores your inner calm.

8 Line Art

The bold, bright prints that have grown in popularity in recent years are being replaced with a more subdued style of wall art. Picasso-style line art shuns shade and hue, instead the artists use a series of curved and straight lines to portray the simple beauty of their subject.

Some recent arrivals epitomise this style. The abstract Ballet and Opera prints by House Doctor work well individually, but also perfectly as a pair.

House Doctor Monochrome Line Prints

9 Ethically Sourced 

Knowing where our food comes from, and the journey it has taken to reach us, is something all of us as consumers are increasingly concerned about. That conscientiousness is as important for other purchases, from clothing and footwear to interiors. We are seeing an increasing demand for ethically-sourced fabrics, art pieces and woven goods, with buyers keen to give back. That has spawned an interest in globally-inspired earthen-ware, rugs and throws, items that bring the cultures of exotic countries to our homes.

Nkuku is a brand that has encapsulated this ethic, working with suppliers who sign up to the Fair-Trade principle and guarantee artisans a fair price for their work. Mango wood features heavily in their recent collection which includes salad servers, bowls and a pizza tray. These pieces are perfect as gifts that also leave you safe in the knowledge they are ethically sourced.

10 Trend for Velvet

Velvet is a large part of the Luxe trend, but we are also seeing it in other guises in the autumn collections. In fact, it is everywhere this season and it is easy to see why. It is a luxuriously tactile fabric that hangs in heavy drapes thanks to its weight, it shimmers and refracts light to create an opulent feel and it instantly upgrades a room.

Take this Bruno bench by Eichholtz, the sumptuous padded seat is set in contrast against the modern, acrylic frame and bright silver stud work. In a modern space, it adds style and texture while it would be equally as at home in a more traditional room set thanks to the rich fabric.

11 Urban Storage 

Storage is taking on a new look that has been born out of the drive to live a more minimalistic life. With less clutter and a more streamlined approach to life, the need for out-of-sight storage is diminishing. Designers are looking to more open storage solutions, taking inspiration from industrial-style cabinets that fit perfectly in urban interiors.

Take for example this shelving unit by House Doctor, complete with oversized casters. A flexible storage solution that is easily moved into position and can be styled with candles and vases while also being stacked with baskets for essential paperwork and those all-important power cables. caddy-style storage is also a growing trend, ideal for smaller spaces. These can, like storage trolleys, double up as a display unit and storage option. 

House Doctor Shelving Caddy Orca

At Creatd Interiors, we would love to help you style your home this autumn. All of the pieces here are available from our website, with free shipping on orders over £75 (UK mainland).