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Creatd Interiors Affiliates Programme

Posted by Jon Wood on

Creatd Interiors Affiliates Programme

About Us 

We are lovers of beautiful homewares and stylish interiors, which dates back to purchasing and 'doing up' our first home in the 1990's along with other property projects since then.

We are obsessed with finding great interior and lifestyle products, searching for those pieces that other retailers in the UK do not have!  We love thoughtful design, products hand made by artisans and those which reflect the natural world sympathetically. Finding new and exciting products was something we found difficult in the past so we decided to make a business out of it! 

Our ambition at Creatd is to find the right balance between too much choice and a tasteful filter of what is our there, hopefully making life a little easier for those that share our tastes and love of interiors.

Affiliate Marketing in a Nutshell

If you are new to affiliate marketing here is how it works!

  • If you have a blog, website or social media following on an account such as Instagram you can earn money by promoting brand's products and services to your followers/ subscribers. 
  • Most Affiliate programmes run on an affiliate marketing platform, which tracks clicks and purchases, manages reporting, processes payments as well as hosting marketing materials for the brand. We use AWIN
  • We also use an affiliate marketing agency - Syyco,  who are experts in affiliate marketing and can help you get started. 
  • Once you are signed up to the platform (AWIN) and the brand (CREATD), you can get your own product links (known as deep links) from the platform. These links will track customers, as they click on them and will also track if they purchase. You must be transparent about this
  • The platform records the performance each month and will ensure you receive the correct payment for customers that made a purchase subsequent to clicking on your link.   

Is the Creatd Affiliates Programme for you?

As an independent business our aim is to work with like minded people that share our tastes and love of interiors. If you have an interiors blog, website or social following in this space, we would love to hear from you. Syyco Affiliate Marketing manage our affiliates programme on the AWIN Marketing platform. 

Benefits of the programme

  • An up to date feed with over 400 products available
  • 30 day cookie length
  • 5% Commission on net sales, exclusive of VAT & delivery charges
  • CPA Increases and exclusive codes available in exchange for enhanced exposure
  • Discount offer to new customers who sign up to the newsletter 
  • Free Delivery on all orders in the UK over £75
  • High AOV and competitive conversion rates
  • A fast growing independent brand renowned for unique design and style
  • 30 day returns policy
  • Multi-currency checkout 
  • A strong Christmas selling period
  • Exclusive offers, great promotions and incentives


If you are interested and:
1. New to affiliate marketing and just want to understand more? Contact
2. Already an established publisher on AWIN: Join our programme here: 
3. Understand affiliate marketing, but new to AWIN: Set up your account here: and once joined, apply to Creatd Interiors (opt 2 above).

A Word on Instagram

If you are just on Instagram and wish to use your platform to promote our products, it really does work the same way as any other blog, except Instagram does place a few more restrictions on where you can place your affiliate links. There are still plenty of opportunities, whether in your bio, IGTV descriptions or Instagram stories. You can of course use your own imagery or ours.