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Dutch Design

Posted by Louise Wood on

Dutch Design

Style in the Netherlands… We tell you how we like to do things a little differently at Creatd Interiors, in the first of our many blogs!

In our quest to seek out beautiful things, we have delved into the nooks and crannies of the countries we've travelled to and found inspiration in some unexpected places.

Looking at our website, you could probably tell how much we love the Dutch style. Simple, but individualistic, beautifully crafted, yet designed for a purpose, not just for the sake of it. Dutch pieces are built to last, yet they are intrinsically modern and often have quirky touches which make them completely unique. While the landscape is sometimes described as flat, the Dutch sense of style is anything but. The Netherlands is a breeding ground for some of the most exciting designers that we've had the pleasure of meeting and we always return from our trips there with our heads full of ideas and our cases full of beautiful stylish things.

One of our favourite design houses is Eichholtz, a Dutch company who have a similar ethos to us – they have travelled the globe extensively in the search for inspiration and new products, but have managed to maintain a style that is uniquely Dutch. We carry a range of their products, including the iconic Eleventy Chair, which we firmly believe should be a feature in every home! Comfortable, achingly stylish and beautifully built, to us it embodies everything that is great about Dutch design.


EICHHOLTZ Eleventy Arm Chair

Eichholtz adds the quirky edge that we love by clever use of fabrics – the Zebra print on their Jenner Fabric Bench adds a whole new dimension to an already fabulous piece of furniture.


EICHHOLTZ Jenner Zebra Fabric Bench

They do large pieces of furniture so very well that you might think that's where their focus is, but a glance through our Soft Furnishings page will reveal gems like the Ozbek cushion, covered with a quirky Middle East inspired print, while the Eichholtz Ceramic Tray is one of the stars of our Accessories page – simple, elegant and supremely well crafted.


Each area of the Netherlands is very different, from the tulip fields and windmills of the south, to the edgy architecture of Rotterdam, and the traditional charm of the North, yet in all these places the design emphasis is on creativity, longevity and purpose, just like the pieces that we are so proud to feature.