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How to Style a Throw on a Sofa

Posted by Louise Wood on

How to Style a Throw on a Sofa

Five Ways to Style a Throw 

One of the ways in which to create a cosy and welcoming home is to include plenty of soft furnishings in your living space. Without soft furnishings, a room can feel cold, hard and unwelcoming. Soft furnishings are not only important aesthetically, but they add warmth and texture to snuggle into and also help to deaden unwanted noise. Rooms with wooden and tiled floors are not good at absorbing sound, which can create an echoey room, lacking warmth and atmosphere. 

Throws are a quick and simple way to refresh a living space, but it's too often the case that people buy themselves a throw for their living area and then realise they don't know how to style it on their sofa!

Our advice, as always when it comes to styling, is to play around and experiment. You don't have to worry about making mistakes with your design and having a room that doesn't look perfect. The most experienced stylists play around until they find what looks and feels right. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. Keep it Formal
  2. Keep it Casual
  3. Make it Contrast
  4. Layers & Texture
  5. Throws in the Bedroom 

1/ Keep it formal

Perhaps the easiest and most classic way to style a throw on a sofa is to drape it over the arm, softening the edges of your furniture without making a dramatic statement.

The neater you fold your throw, the more formal a look you will create. Classically throws can be draped over the arms of a chair or sofa, but likewise centrally over the back of a sofa.  

The throw over the leather chair is the grey knitted Astrid by Cozy Living . A soft knitted wool throw which is perfect for creating a softer look on this leather chair. The throw over the sofa is a hand knitted throw in off white, made with 100% natural cotton, with a thick weave, which also adds texture in this quite minimalist setting. 

2/ Keep it Casual

For a slightly informal and easy-going look, unfold your throw and tuck the middle into the corner, behind a cushion, and allow the rest of the fabric to cascade towards the floor and over the arm. This way, the room will flow, giving you an open and lived-in environment.

If your home is laid back and casual, go for the 'lounged-in' look. Simply place your throw over the back of the sofa or down across the seat, pooling onto the floor. You can experiment with the throw being casually tossed onto the sofa or opt for a casual fold for a natural and neater look.  

3/ Make it Contrast

A throw can also be a great way to bring an accent colour into your room or to add contrasting colours and textures to your sofa. As with all accent colours, it needs to be repeated in a room in several places to be effective. Cozy Living produce a vibrant colour pallet of Mohair throws, which are an excellent option to create this look. 


4/ Add Layers & Texture

Nothing adds the feeling of warmth, coziness and luxury more than adding layers of more than one throw or thicker textures such as chunky knits, mohair or skins. Sheepskin in particular is not only a natural product that warms in winter and is cool in summer, but it is also incredibly hard wearing and long lasting. We look to  Shepherd of Sweden for our sheepskins as they are ethically sourced from the island of Gotland (as a by-product of the food industry) and will be a cosy and natural addition to your home. 


5/ In the Bedroom

Our final tip doesn't involve the sofa at all! So don't forget the bedroom. A throw draped over the bottom of the bed, not only adds warmth on cooler evenings, but also adds a touch of luxury to your bedroom, making the perfect place for your cat or dog to nestle. The Miro Waffled Cotton Throw is picture below. 

 Miro Waffled Cotton Throw over the bed


Our full collection of throws can be found here