The Search for Product

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New Products

Finding new and exciting products is without doubt the most challenging, but most exciting part of the business. For everything else we do, if at the heart of our business we do not have the right product, all else is largely irrelevant. 

At the outset, one of our core principles has been to never to sell a product that we wouldn't be proud to have in our home and in the end that is quite a test. We also wanted to have products that are not so commonly available, particularly in our home market the U.K. 

We have sourced a lot of products from Scandinavia 

This latter point has taken us on many trips to International trade fairs and suppliers in different countries as we have started to explore the possibilities and grow our network. Whilst our resources are limited to extensively check extended supply chains, we have been mindful to deal with companies that demonstrably source products ethically and sustainably. 

"Never to sell a product we wouldn't be proud to have in our own home"

Part of our plan was always to work with artisan , smaller producers and artists. We have made some amazing contacts through social media. A great example of this is our association with Lisa Bousfield. From the moment we saw Lisa's work we could see the quality and originality and the fit with with what we were trying to do. We hope to build more of these relationships as we grow the business. 

At the start of this venture we made the decision to focus on smaller products and accessories complemented with some larger statement pieces. As an example some of the Eichholtz pieces of furniture are really stunning, the Eleventy chair is one of our favourites! We visited Eichholtz in the Netherlands early 2017. They have a fantastic set up and the quality of their product really shines though. 

The Eleventy Chair


Having product is one thing, being able to represent it well is quite another. Creating original imagery has also been quite a challenge, which we will cover in our next blog (Behind the Scenes - Imagery).

Finally, we are always interested in finding new products to sell. If you are a designer, artist, maker or supplier we are always interested in talking to you, if you like what you see and think your products fit with what we are trying to do, I can be contacted at:



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