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Sustainable Interiors

Posted by Louise Wood on

Sustainable Interiors

As individuals and as a society, we are becoming more aware of the importance of living in a responsible, sustainable way. We showcase our favourite examples of the sustainable design trend. All of these pieces are natural, organic and ethically sourced. As a result, you can feel safe in the knowledge that objects of beauty for the home can, in their own small way, also contribute to a better world.

Sparkling Recycled Glass at Gommaire

Of course, recycled glass is not new, but our willingness not only to accept, but embrace, ‘less than perfect’ items makes recycled glass an obvious choice for sustainable and responsible living. Glass can be recycled many times without losing its sparkle, as this lovely Glass Vase / Hurricane on Reclaimed Teak Dish by Gommaire, proves. This lantern is handmade with a sandblasted ‘G’ to signify the stamp of individuality from the Belgian design house. As it’s mouth-blown, each piece has little quirks that add to its individuality. The imperfect border, the tiny air bubbles and spiral waves: these are all typical of sustainable production. Its uses are many. Enjoy a simple source of light while outdoors, or indoors to add a warm ambience to your room.


Reclaimed Teak - Great Sustainable Choice

In order to achieve a greener, more eco-friendly home, it’s important to check that your wooden pieces come from legally obtained sustainable sources, whether that's flooring, chairs, tables or decorative items. Plantation teak can be considered a responsible choice, as the wood is incredibly durable and can last for many years. Even better, look for pieces that are formed on reclaimed teak, such as the Glass Vase / Hurricane on Reclaimed Teak Dish featured above. Its circular disc shape features small nicks in the grain, which are tactile and far more interesting than a perfectly planed piece of mass produced wood. Its natural grain features strips of blonde and honey running through the wood – a simply beautiful and timeless piece that will sit perfectly in any home.

Teak Roots - From By-Product To Beauty

Teak farming has an interesting history. Back in the day – around a century ago – teak trees were felled for their wood, and their roots were left behind. Today, timber farmers are required to uproot the tree fully before making the land available for replanting, so the roots have to come out as well as the trees. With their twisted shapes, deep brown colour and incredible durability, teak roots are a rich source for unique interiors, as this Tapas Plate in Natural Teak shows. Its lovely wood variations and simple shape represents an amazing transformation from manufacturing bi-product to object of beauty. Enjoy covered with ripe figs, cheeses and mouthwatering antipasti.

Mango - Fast Growing & Sustainable

Reclaimed teak isn’t the only sustainable kid on the block. Mango is fast becoming a popular choice for sustainable interior design and accessories. Why? Like bamboo and hemp, mango trees grow very fast so are a good source of sustainable timber. Moreover, the wood products are a by-product of the main event, which is to grow gorgeous mangoes!

The wood itself is too soft to use in commercial flooring but perfect for home accessories and decorative items. So, once the fruit season is over, the wood of the mango tree can be harnessed to make beautiful items such as this IDHA Straight Hurricane Lantern – Mango Wood Base. Its very attractive layered circular stacks of mango wood features a rainbow of natural colours, from chocolate brown to light blonde. The result is a very attractive piece that serves as the perfect natural base for the simple cylindrical lantern display.


Sheepskin - Soft, Cosy and Ethical

With cosy soft pile, few of us can resist the allure of sheepskin. But are sheepskins sustainable, ethical even? The answer is yes – but you must choose your hide carefully. Creatd was delighted to find out about Shepherd of Sweden. The company sources its sheepskin from livestock from Gotland, Sweden’s largest island.  The sheep come from quality farms and their skins are a by-product of the food industry. As for the quality: each sheepskin is treated in several different stages to create the perfect quality and finish. The majority of the work is carried out by hand.

And they really are beautiful. Whether you choose soft, long hair or short hair, in shades of darkest brown to husky white: every sheepskin is of course, unique to you. They feel fantastic, too. An ethically sourced sheepskin is just gorgeous thrown over leather, on your favourite armchair or as a natural insert for your baby’s pram. This Shepherd of Sweden – Sanda Sheepskin – Nature is a beautifully soft long-haired sheepskin throw that’s touchable and soft under your bare feet.

And don’t just assume a sheepskin is for indoors. The weather might be warming up (slowly!) but a sheepskin, being the genuine animal hide, will keep you cosy when it’s cold and cool when you’re hot. Pop on a piece of wrought iron furniture ready for al fresco drinks when the sun goes down – perfect Hygge for all-round living.


Last But Not Least... Packaging.

Of course it’s important to protect products and wrap them carefully for transit, but this doesn’t have to come at a cost to the planet. Choosing recyclable paper and cardboard, biodegradable bubble wrap and minimising plastic, as we do at Creatd, is our small step to reducing our company’s carbon footprint.