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Berlin Inspiration

Posted by Louise Wood on

Berlin Inspiration

Berlin is a great city, steeped in history, a place where opposites come together and coexist in a vibrant and exciting industrial backdrop. Whether it is East meets West, glamour versus the grit, modern buildings rise from the remnants of a different age, one of division and opposing views of how society should be run. A walk along the East Side Gallery brings to life this stark contrast, it is a city quite like no other.

Berlin is a creatives dream, there is so much to be inspired by, whether it be super lux hotels, with their interior designs, marble floors and silk wall panels or soaring street art that in some places seems to fill every square inch of wall space. Artists create, photographers capture and reproduce high resolution images in modern frames and sell in boutique outlets in areas such as Hackesche Markt. I doubt if the original artists ever foresaw how their work would be so widely distributed powered by the digital age and social media.

Many bars and restaurants have sprung from inside industrial buildings and railway arches as they are repurposed for our entertainment, often with their exposed bricks and pipe work,  a nod to their less glamorous past. Boutique hotels are furnished with coffee tables made from old pallets and icons of yesteryear often decorate the walls. Berlin has always been a draw for musicians and artists alike and it is easy to understand why. Even the mirror in our bathroom was graffitied - “Enjoy your Steinplatz experience”, seemingly no where is safe. 

When put into words you wonder how it all works, but when you visit Berlin it just does. From a sourcing perspective this trip was less successful, we don’t always find something that will work with our collection, but the memories and inspiration will last long into the New Year.