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About Creatd Interiors

Creatd Interiors

I've always had a love of beautiful homewares and stylish interiors, which dates back to the first house we ever renovated back in the 1990's. The excitement of furnishing our first home has never left me and since then my passion and interest has grown through various house moves and restoration projects.

Something that has always struck me is the difficulty in finding great products and how time consuming this pursuit has been. Over the last twenty years, limited choice has evolved to seemingly endless choice and the way in which we shop has changed dramatically, but I'm not sure the task has got any easier.

Our ambition at Creatd is to find the right balance, the balance between choice and a filter of what is our there, hopefully making life a little easier for those that share our tastes and love of interiors.

It has taken a little over a year to turn an idea into a business, with many twists and turns along the way. Probably one of the most difficult decisions has been deciding what not to sell, given the enormous choice available. Keeping to our principles of "never selling a product that we wouldn't be proud to have in our own home" has been challenging at times. Likewise showing product at its best through imagery has been harder than I ever imagined.

Finally, there have been many people that have helped us get this far, you know who you are and we cannot thank you enough.




This online store is now closed. Shop at our Bijou store, Hamilton Road, Felixstowe.