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Autumn Winter Interior Trends 2020

Posted by Louise Wood on

Autumn Winter Interior Trends 2020

Autumn Winter Interior Trends 2020

Autumn is one of the most visually striking seasons as the leaves change colour and start to fall. The English countryside is transformed over a few weeks as footpaths are carpeted in fallen leaves and the low sun on the trees can create a magical light.  Many people love this time of year, the start of the seasonal run in to Christmas, thoughts of coziness and open fires. For others the season marks the furthest point from summer, short days and the beginning of a seemingly long winter. If you have lived in the UK long enough, the seasons are part of life.

Of course 2020 has been a year like no other and many of us have spent more time at home than normal. Foreign holiday budgets have been diverted to DIY and garden projects, interior makeovers and staycations have been the order of the day. 

Wholesale change and redecorating for every season is not very practical for many. At Creatd Interiors we believe the way to play it is to accessorise your way through the seasons. Nothing reflects autumn more than autumn leaves, which are an easy forrest find at this time of year, although you can always buy them from Waitrose if you hadn't heard! 

So here are 7 interior trends for autumn winter this year, starting with Cottagecore.

1/ Cottagecore

Cottagecore is perhaps more than just an interior trend, although there is an associated interior aesthetic. In case you have missed it Cottagecore is sweeping Instagram & Tiktok amongst other social media platforms. A trend that started a few years ago in the US, has become a global phenomenon. The hashtag for cottagecore alone on instagram has 800k and then you have all the variations taking the number well over a million.

Without doubt the trend has been fueled by lockdown and a recent survey by Legal & General suggested Londoners are twice as likely to be seeking a move as the rest of the country. A good proportion of those are likely to be seeking that idyllic move to the country.   

So what is Cottagecore? 

For many it is the romantic idea of a simpler life driven by a resurgence of interest in past times of yesteryear. Perhaps the good life, but enjoying simpler pleasures such as home baking, gardening or arts and crafts such as flower arranging or candle making. It's an old saying but the best things in life are free and enjoying nature and walks in the countryside are all part of it. Being more self sufficient and less reliant on consumption feels like a very good thing for us as a species and the planet! In general living a more harmonious balanced life at a more relaxed pace. 

The idea seems to resonate with us Brits, the idea of the farmhouse in rolling countryside, the chocolate box Cotswold cottage. Whilst there is without a doubt a crossover between Hygge & Cottagecore, at one with nature and sustainable, the aesthetic differs. Cottagecore is perhaps less reserved, picture the dresser with its crockery on display, pots hanging in Kitchens and bolder floral patterns adorning walls and sofas. More cluttered and less coordinated than the Scandi look.

Of course you can have your own take. We spend a lot of time at home and perhaps even more so now as the trend to home working has been accelerated for knowledge workers and those that can do their jobs from home. So being happy in your home environment has always been important, but perhaps never more so than now. 


Artificial Sorghum Plant Spray 

2/  Stems of the Season

Carefully chosen stems with the colour tones of the season are a great and inexpensive way of creating a seasonal look in your home.  Arranging dried flowers and leaves you can pick from the ground is very in keeping with Cottagecore. Alternatively artificial flowers that you can use year in year out can create the look. The Sorghum plants pictured are styled as a dried flower and have a lovely brown, bronze tone to them, with their cream seeds being the main focal point. Also known as a cereal plant, these stems definitely benefit from being styled in a bunch and perfectly capture the season. 

3/ Earthy Colours & Accents

Earthy and natural colour tones come to the fore in autumn and can be used around the home to reflect natures changes in the season. Spice and olive colours add warmth and a sense of a home sanctuary, harmonious and at one with nature. Cushions and throws are a simple way to add seasonal touches to your living space.  

Corduroy Herringbone Cushion

Dark Olive Stripe Cushion

These marble trays in toffee are the perfect seasonal addition and the ideal platform to place valuables or display pieces. Marble will always add a sense of luxury to your living space and these fabulous pieces are expected in November. 

Toffee Colour Marble Trays register to be notified when they arrive.

4/ Greys & Neutrals

Greys and neutrals create a great backdrop for accent colours and pretty much never go out of fashion. Add interest by layering and adding textured, heavier throws and cushions to your sofa, that are perfect for snuggling into at this time of year. 

 Cotton Rope Cushions in 3 Colours

 5/ Natural Products

Natural products remain hugely popular with furniture made from cane and bamboo making a real comeback in 2020. Rattan remains as popular as ever as designers get ever more creative with styles and colours. The added benefit of using these materials are that they are found abundantly in nature and are fast growing and therefore sustainable, with many products produced locally by artisans. 


 Mandisa Side Table in Black

Rattan Natural Planter

6/ Apothecary Styling

Apothecary stying remains a serious trend and when designers such as Tom Dixon are turning their attention to washing up liquid you know things are getting serious! So now you can proudly display your pump action washing up liquid on your kitchen island. For our part we have sourced these sophisticatedly styled soaps and hand lotions from Denmark. 


7/ Candles & Candle Holders

Candles and candle holders come to the fore at this time of year and are in many ways a timeless interior accessory. The glow from a candle can add warmth and that cozy feel we all desire at this time of year. Candle holders in different finishes, such as the amber frosted candle holders below can change the atmosphere of a room in keeping with the season.  Scented candles evoke a strong emotional response as scent can trigger memories of holidays, travel and times gone by. Below are a few of our favourites.


Frosted Candle Holders

Bamboo Grass & Black Honey Candles

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4/10/ 2020