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The Creatd Interiors Blog

Welcome to the Creatd Interiors blog. Here we hope to inspire you with our thoughts on the world of interiors, from the classic and the timeless through to current interior trends. We will also share insights to our travels and search for unique products.
  • Buyers Guide to Glassware

    Glassware comes in many shapes and sizes, designs and styles. It is a material that can be can be completely transparent or opaque, or somewhere in between. Glass can be wafer thin and fragile, or incredibly tough when blown in thicker dimensions.

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    Buyers Guide to Glassware
  • Buyers Guide to Towels

    Largely towels are in the background, we take them for granted and don't give them much thought, perhaps until we need one that is and don't have one at hand! There are a few things to consider when buying towels though, so here are our five top tips for buying.

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    Buyers Guide to Towels
  • Buyers Guide to Candles

    Without doubt candles 'punch above their weight' in the interiors world. As a relatively small and inexpensive item when compared to other home accessories, they have the ability to transform the atmosphere in the room, perhaps like no other.

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    Buyers Guide to Candles
  • Buyers Guide to Dinnerware

    In this day and age, it is not always about being sat around the table at the same time, but when you do, you want to be able to present your food in the best possible way. Remember people taste their food with their eyes first and this is where your crockery choices can make a difference!   

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    Buyers Guide to Dinnerware