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Autumn Interior Trends 2023

Posted by Louise Wood on

Autumn Interior Trends 2023

Autumn Interior Trends 2023

As another summer ticks by, one during which we continued to enjoy staycations more so than far flung vacations, our minds naturally turn towards the colder seasons, shorter days and longer nights. As ever the weather was mixed and at times a little extreme, but  at least we enjoyed some sunshine and by all accounts a bit of an Indian summer!

Autumn is definitely edging its way in though, as the leaves start to fall and change colour, those temperatures start to drop, particularly in the evenings. With this in mind, here are a few of our favourite seasonal interior trends we are seeing this year and some ideas on how you might style your interior as the seasons change. 

1.0 Jute & Rattan

What better way to introduce natural elements into your home than by incorporating products made from natural materials such as Jute and Rattan. Mostly used to make basketware these functional interior pieces never go out of fashion and designers and artisans continue to come up with new styles and designs that keep this category fresh.

Whilst perfect for autumn, they are good for all year round and a blend of natural and man made materials in the home is a great look. Examples we are particularly fond of include the Marcel Basket in Jute, a beautiful handmade basket, which brings a strong sense of its Asian heritage.

Marcel Baskets

The Nina Baskets, also handwoven, are a darker contrasting piece, but extremely durable and stylish.

Nina Baskets

We shouldn't forget Seagrass either. As a lighter alternative to Jute and Rattan, Seagrass is often used in smaller size baskets, so ideal as faux flora planters, or general storage. For example the Natural Lagra seagrass basket makes for a great shallow storage solution for household items like magazines and clothes.

2.0 Bathroom Spa

Given the difficulties in perhaps getting to your favourite Spa retreat, little touches in your bathroom, can definitely evoke memories of your favourite sanctuaries. Like music our sense of smell can have that instant effect of transporting us to somewhere else when you sense a familiar aroma.

Diffusers are a great way to add a pleasant scent to your home and create a spa like experience. For example if you want a fresh and airy aroma, the Bamboo Grass Diffuser will give that sense of freshness and the countryside.

Likewise the Sea Salt & Sage Diffuser will instantly take your mind to sunny days at the beach.

Other decorative pieces around your bathroom, can also reinforce that sense of your favourite spa, from sculptures to marble trays. 

Why not round things off with some gentle Danish hand wash and lotion to complete the look and feel of your bathroom Spa. 


3.0 Faux Flora of the Season

Changing your Flower displays is a great way of reflecting the change of seasons, without completely redecorating. A carefully selected stem or two can add the right tones to your interior decor and create the sense of being at one with the season. So whether it is natural flowers, or perhaps some dried flowers, such as these dried alliums:

Faux flowers that continue to get more and more realistic and thoughtful in design. For example the pre-styled bouquet Nature's Warmth is full of autumn tones and natural colours, browns, greens and yellows perfect for the fall.


Or why not handpick your own stems from our Faux Flora collection, full of autumn hues.  


4.0 Natural Look Soft Furnishings

Rather like faux flora, soft furnishings are a great way of making subtle, but impactful changes to your decor that capture the natural vibe with a hint of the season too.

For example these chestnut rope cushions are perfect for the season with a natural and authentic feel to them. 

We stock a variety of natural look cushions such as the natural linen tassel cushion with a plain beige design and a simple tassel detail around the edges.

The Orange and Natural Cushion Linn by House Doctor features a blend of natural colours making it perfect for an organic vibe to your home decor.

Throws are also a great way to add rich layers to your home decor, continuing the natural look. As an example the Monti Beige linen throw features a natural sandy tone. The combination of new throws and cushions can definitely breath new life into your sofa or favourite arm chair this season. 


5.0 Seasonal Decoration

Finally, don’t forget to give your side tables and consoles some TLC. Ornaments and decorative pieces are a great way to inexpensively capture the change of season in your home decor scheme. Pumkins are definitely super popular, but we prefer more flexible pieces sat sit well throughout the season into winter. For example acorns and fallen pine cones definitely capture the season. 

The Dark Bronze & Silver Acorns are unique metallic pieces that reflect the season perfectly, as do these decorative Stone Pine Cones that come in a variety of sizes, with an aged feel that will add a little vintage look to your shelving.


Likewise these Bronze leave platters are subtle but effective in creating the look. Available in a choice of antique bronze or matt black to suit your existing decor scheme. 


Last but not least, these Silver Metal Seed Pods are another decorative item that comes in a choice of two sizes. They have a slightly vintage look which catches the light of the room at different angles, adding to the depth of the piece.   

In Summary

The above are our top five interior trends for the season. With a strong sense of nature, bringing the outside in and also creating a sense of your favourite places at home, there are a wealth of stylish options available in store to help you with home styling this autumn.

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