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Spring Summer Interior Trends 2021

Posted by Louise Wood on

Spring Summer Interior Trends 2021

Spring/ Summer Interior Trends 2021

Spring is the favourite season for many, as we pass the spring equinox, daylight hours are increasing and the prospect of warmer days and summer evenings lie in wait. Nature works its magic, daffodils, snowdrops and bluebells start to appear, gardens spring back to life and keen gardeners get to work.

As we pass the anniversary of the first lockdown here in the UK, it is a time for reflection, to remember family and friends that we have lost and how our lives have changed over the last year. More than any other year we have perhaps spent more time at home, not through choice, but through necessity. For many homes have become playgrounds, classrooms, offices and gyms as well as our personal sanctuary where we can feel safe and warm.     

The Cottage core trend that emerged rapidly throughout 2020 continues.

There are many more of us enjoying simpler pleasures, walking, baking, crafting and candle making.  Many commute less and Zooming has become a verb and something we do to stay in contact with friends and not just for business. Zoom calls have perhaps invited more people into our homes than would normally enter, so it's always worth considering those backgrounds!  Hopefully some of these trends will stay long after the pandemic is over. There is a lot to be said for living a more harmonious and balanced lifestyle.

There is cause for hope and optimism and in the wake of such times interior trends seem rather trivial. So we we have focused on interior trends as being a part of lifestyle choices and not just about the Pantone colour of the year! With this in mind here our top five tips for 2021.

1/  The Flexible Interior 

Homes have to be many things from offices to gyms, to classrooms and more. We have learned to work, workout, play, teach and relax in them. For those with space, rooms and garages can be dedicated to different activities, creating physical separation between what are work and what are leisure activities. For many the same space has to be used for many purposes. One approach is to create zones within your room, perhaps a desk in an alcove, or a childrens area in the dining room.

We think a smart solution for using living space flexibly is through the clever use of storage. Being able to use your dining room as an office, playroom and place to eat, is about being able to quickly pack things up and store them close at hand. If things can be stored in plain site and still look stylish, then so much the better! Our Home Office and Storage collection has plenty of ideas to help with this task.

The Craft planter by House Doctor is a flexible and stylish way to quickly gather items and store them away quickly. It comes in a choice of 3 sizes.

The Elisa and Hurry by Bigso are perfect for keeping your home working space uncluttered and organised.

These Fabric Storage Boxes are a flexible storage solution whether on display or tucked away in a closet. 

2/ The Sustainable Interior

Now more than ever we realise how fragile our planet is, while the global pandemic has been making most headlines over the last year, climate change and global warming remain an even bigger challenge to mankind. There are many aspects to sustainability. Reusing, up-cycling and recycling are all part of the equation. Vintage never seems to lose its appeal, so it is not only the right thing to do, but it looks great too!

With new products, thoughtful use of natural materials in production is not only better for the planet, but the aesthetic can be uplifting and harmonious in the home too.  Natural products remain hugely popular, materials such as rattan, bamboo, seagrass and Paulownia are found abundantly in nature and are fast growing and therefore sustainable. With many of these products produced locally in warmer climates, there can be local economic benefit too. 

Our personal Favourites:

The Hex Basket sells out every year and we always look to secure stock early in the season. 

Bamboo is a resilient and plentiful natural resource, which also looks extremely stylish in the modern home, these laundry baskets by House Doctor come in a choice of sizes.

The Rama basket made from seagrass can be put to a variety of uses


3/ Stems of the Season

Changing flora and plant life around the home is a great way of reflecting the season. Nothing can improve on nature and real plants, but if that is impractical, carefully selected faux flora can really help capture the vibe, particularly when carefully chosen and matched with a nice vase or planter. 

These White Alliums are perfect for creating a simple and clean aesthetic and are timeless in their appeal.

These Savannah Grass plants will gently move like natural grasses and are best displayed as 4 or 5 together.

These Twig Plants perfectly capture the season.

4/ A few Statement Pieces

The beauty of a statement piece is that you don't need many to transform the look of a room or living space. It could be a piece of art, or a stunning vintage piece of furniture, but we think a well chosen vase with floral display or a decorative piece can make all the difference. The careful placement of statement pieces in the home needn't be expensive and here are a few ideas from our collection.    

The OUMD vase by Abigail Ahern.

The Massimo by Abigail Ahern.


These decorative leaf platters by Light and Living are sure to make an impact wherever they are placed in the home. 


5/ Keep it Coastal

With many of us travelling less and foreign holidays less accessible, having reminders of our favourite places, whether pictures or perhaps decorative pieces we bought on holiday can improve our mood and remind us of happier times and far off places. If you are lucky enough to live on the coast, the way of life tends to become a part of how you live: Coastal walks, water sports, an obsession with weather and beach finds. If you don't live by the coast it tends to be a place you head to, normally for fun and relaxation. 

Decorative coastal items definitely lift spirits and bring the feeling of nature into the home. Here are a few of our selected favourites: 

These shell sculptures will definitely make an impact as they are elevated on black stands. 

These faux seagrass plants definitely help create that coastal vibe.  

These decorative shells are firm favourites and can be used to store items such as keys or change.



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23 March 2021